My Lizzie Lou

It has been a challenging weekend.  My daughter who was recently diagnosed with MS – lost the ability to walk with cane.  Her muscle strength is gone.  She cannot use her left leg.  She says it is like lead.  Her feet feel like ice blocks.  It appears her MS is taking an aggressive path.

Again, I could not muster the heart to post on the blog.  My heart was totally surrounding my daughter with love, support and as much healing as I could find for her.

I have been really sad this weekend as I have watched my sweet first born loose all ability to function on her own.   Anymore decline and we will not be able to care for her without more help.

It has been a weekend of a Momma's tears.  My daughter cried more as well.  She apologized one time for crying.  I stopped her.  “Darling,”  I said, “In the matter of a month you have gone from walking freely to a walker and with help at that.  This thing has hit you so quickly – you haven't had the time to process it!   It is only natural to weep.”   And so we cried holding each other.

Today we had Easter brunch as a family.  My son and his wife came, my youngest came home from college and we laughed and enjoyed the day together.  At dinner we prayed, and again, we all cried.

This life is such a tender gift.  Each day is a new beginning.