Sometimes in the middle of a life crisis, a little spark of creativity can eek in.  This week I have been dealing with my daughter's illness (numbness on the left side) and last night, fed-up, I took her to the ER.  On the suggestion of my daughter-in-law, I began video taping her symptoms with my iphone as documentation for the doctors.  Today, back at work, it occurred to me that I could document the children playing in my centers.  I wondered if could be valuable for you the reader.  My classroom is a very alive place and full of vibrant activity and while the photos can show one aspect – the actual experience has so many dimensions that a photo can never capture.

This week we are exploring the world of insects.  Below are video clips of two areas of play that currently include insects.  The excitement is quite distinct!  Watching the videos (both are very short) you will hear the multiple stories and little insect dramas unfolding around the room!!

Playdough Garden from Fairy Dust Teaching on Vimeo.

Insect Play from Fairy Dust Teaching on Vimeo.