This was an art project in another kindergarten class in my school.  I altered only one thing.  The teacher had a pre-printed sheet of insects and animals for the children to color and cut out to put in the “tall, tall grass.” (based on the book of the same title).   I kept the focus on insects and had my students draw the creatures.

This is an easy project.

  1. Provide each student with a large dark blue sheet of construction paper, a half a sheet of large green construction paper (cut length wise) for grass, a sentence strip or white strip for writing and a piece of white paper for drawing insects.
  2. Have the students cut the top of the grass paper to form the grass blades.  Glue down on blue paper.
  3. Glue white sentence to top of blue paper.  Write “In the tall, tall grass.”
  4. Draw and cut out insects and creatures to put in the grass.

Here are some insects to draw for the grass: