I saw this idea in the hallway across from my kindergarten.  Mrs. Goodroe was putting them out on display.  Love it!  I just had to do it as well.  We did this as a small group activity.  The children loved it.

 3 + 6 = 9
Materials:  white cardstock, sharpies, red crayons, green watercolor paint
  •   Have the children draw a leaf that fills the page.
  •   Draw a ladybug on the leaf.  I draw and explain it so they can see it step by step – and they copy my actions.
    1. Draw a circle for the body.  
    2. Add a smaller circle for the head. 
    3. Add antennae and eyes.
    4. Add six legs.
    5. Draw the wings.
  • Have each child roll a dice.  They draw that number of dots on one side of the ladybug.  Roll again and that number of dots goes on the other side.    Next, the student writes the two numbers as an addition sentence with the answer.
  • Color the ladybug red with crayons.
  • Paint the entire leaf green.  Let dry and then cut the leaf out.