Tonight I finally had the opportunity to view the movie “Race to Nowhere.”  It really brought home the truth I know as a teacher.  The truth is simple.   I teach to create the love of learning for another human being.  This love will alter the way life turns out for the children I teach.   Worksheets, assessments, standards, and benchmarks – these are not the heart of the matter.

This is a movie well worth seeing.  It raises many questions of the current practices in American Education such as AP courses, homework, and the idea that all children should be schooled for college (an idea that really bothers me about No Child Left Behind).   It is dangerous to set up an entire generation for the idea that all people can find their career path in a college education.  Several students addressed this on the film saying that going to a community college had felt like they had failed.  One size does not fit all.  Again, I am always brought back to the question, why do I teach?  For what purpose?  These are questions we must ask as a nation.  Why do we teach our children?

 ” A mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” —Plutarch