In my previous post, I shared how I love painted (monoprint) papers.  Here is one of the projects my class is creating with the papers.  This is a simple project that my students managed without assistance.
“A Vase of Spring Flowers”
How I do it:

  1. I make tracers on old file folders.  VASE: I fold the file in half and trace half the vase so when I cut out the tracer it is balanced.   FLOWERS:  I cut out random flowers.
  2. I pre-cut the stems.
  3. I provide small squares of green paper for leaves, if desired.
  4. The entire piece is created on a large construction paper sheet.


Stems are attached to back of vase and then glued to paper.


Flower shape is traced on painted paper.


Glue is applied to back of flower.


Flower is pressed down on top of stem.


Leaves are added and ta da!  Done!  So easy!