This is an sweet little poem I love to act out as we explore the world seeds and beans.  It is an adaptation of two poems.

The little brown seeds went to sleep in the ground.
In their little brown nightgowns they slept very sound.
Old Winter, he roared and he raged overhead.
But the little brown seeds did not move in their bed.

But when Spring came tiptoeing over the lea
with fingers to lips as soft as can be.
“Wake!” called the Sunshine, “And creep to the light!”
“Wake!” called the Raindrops bright!

The little brown seeds just lifted their heads,
Slipped off their nighties and jumped out of bed!!

Cast of Characters:

four seeds – hidden under a brown cloth
Old Winter – a blue cape or cloth to drape
Spring – a cloth or silk cape
Sun – painted sun on pole
Raindrops – painted drops on pole
The seeds sleeping underground (four children under brown cloth).


Old Man Winter (Blue “cape”) dancing over the covered seeds.


Lady Spring tiptoeing over the sleeping seeds. (Used one of my rainbow silks as her cloak of spring!)



Hand painted sun on a pole danced over the seeds.


The raindrops came on a pole as well. (Painted on poster board)