This is a great activity for building handwork capacity.  It requires holding the newspaper tube and wrapping it.  The children love the challenge and the end result.  We made hearts but you could make any shape.   I am such a firm believer in the arts as a powerful way to prepare kindergarteners. This simple newspaper tube builds fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, decision making, tying – to name a few.
This is the inspiration piece.  It is newspaper tubes wrapped in gold wrappings, ribbons, and more!


Step One:  At a diagonal, roll a tube.  Connect 2 to 3 tubes to make a medium sized shape.


Step Two:  Wrap tube with strips of tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, and anything that you think would add to the sparkle.


I put out a basket of choices.


Step Three:  Beginning at one end, gently roll the tube into a circle, taping across the tube to hold it together.  Pinch the bottom into a point for heart.  Tape.  Next, tie a ribbon at the top to make an indention.  Add extra ribbon if desired.  Hang!