Where does love live?  On February 14?  We celebrate love every Valentine’s day with chocolates, bunches of roses, little notes of love and oh yes,  those expensive fufu meals.   But is this really love?  Maybe this is the mass market wrap it, stamp it and sell it kind of love.  Nothing wrong with it. Can’t deny my own enjoyment of it.

But I can't help but think about the those tiny delicious details of daily life.  It is in the smallest of gestures – the watering of plants, dusting of furniture, the way you greet your children, the making of a meal, the tucking in a child for a good night's rest, the way you dress – love lives in the sweet details of life.

Here is a partial list of the sweetness in my own life:

  • phone calls from my children who are now grown and living outside the home.  Such sweetest to this mama's heart!
  • birds singing on the branches of my cherry tree that is right outside the kitchen window.  I planted the tree there for that very reason.
  • standing at the door of my classroom and seeing the faces of my students as they arrive – it is such a sweet moment!
  • setting the table with my great grandmother's china – I love that so many generations of our family have eaten off those pure white plates!
  • the farmer's market on Saturday mornings
  • buying eggs from the local Amish
  • my grandfather's oil painting – his art is such a sweet treasure to remember him by
  • fresh linens on my bed
  • Oklahoma sunsets
  • a square of dark chocolate with my morning latte
  • my father's morning, crackly voice
  • my husband warming up my car in the dead of winter so I have a warm drive to work

Where is the sweetness in your life?