The Chinese Plum Blossom tree is considered to bring good luck and hope.  I have done this project with four year olds with great success.   It helps to tell the children that we are not painting the whole tree – just a section of it.  

What you will need to paint this tree – light blue construction paper, brown paint, paint brush, glue and pink tissue paper cut into 2 x 2 inch squares.

 Step One: On the left side, paint a line from top to bottom of the paper.
 Step Two: From the trunk of the tree, make a sweeping line out – a curved line.  Add a smaller sweeping line to it.
 Step Three:  Add a smaller sweeping, curved line going up.  Let dry.
Step Four:  Squeeze a dot of glue wherever you would like to place a blossom.
Step Five:  Take a pink square of tissue and squish it up so that it forms a little blossom.  Place on glue dot.  Let dry.