One of the projects I like to do during the Kings and Queens of Hearts unit is a family shield.  I send home a tag board shield and the families decorate it according to my instructions.  This year, my intern, Amanda Mitchell, wanted the children to make the shields as one of our work stations.  So I rolled with it.  And boy howdy, I am so glad I did!  The children have had so much more excitement about it!  I will continue to do the shields this way!  Thank you Amanda!

I asked the children to write their name on the shield in big letters.  Next, they were to decorate their shield with the things that they really liked to do – things that would tell us about who they were.


Step One:  Cut out a shield from tag board or poster board.  Write your name large on the shield.


Step Two:  Decorate the shield with markers.  Have the shield tell us about you.


Step Three:  We added a grip with leftover tag board.  We did it one of two ways – sideways (the favorite choice).

Or horizontal.

Here is a very blurry picture of kindergarten knights in action!  Hard to catch a slow moving knight. . .