This is a lovely project for Valentine's – making little love birds out of watercolor paper.  The sweetest part is writing on the back of the birds the things you love.   Isn't gratitude a wonderful way to honor Valentine's day?  I will do this with my class when I return to school (hopefully Friday or Monday).   I start by bringing the mood of awe and reverence for the many things we have in our lives that are wonderful – those scrumptious details of daily life!
Making the Birds:  you will need watercolor paper, red and yellow paint, brushes, pink embroidery floss and gel medium (heavy glue).

Paint a wash of color on the watercolor paper.  It is beautiful to add a tad of yellow.
Cut out a bird tracer.  It works great to make tracers out of old file folders.  Here is a link to a pattern I used: bird pattern – this pattern is for sewing but I used as a tracer.
Let the children trace the birds and their wings.  Cut them out.

Make a double-thread hanger out of the pink floss.  Put a dollop of glue on the bird.  Put the hanger's end on top of the glue and press the wing into it.  Hold for a few seconds to make bond.  Write what you love in life on the back of the birds.  Hang on tree, mantle, or make a garland of love!