Here are very simple instructions for children to draw a King and a Queen.

Step One:  We begin with the Queen.  Begin with a horizon line at bottom of page.  Draw a “U” shape for the face.


Step Two:  Draw a straight line across the top of the U.  Draw a zigzag line to make crown.  Add details like circles on top of crown tips.
FACE:  Draw two curved lines for eyebrows, dots for eyes, and long curved line for mouth.


Step Three:  To draw cape, bring curving lines from face to horizon line on both sides.  Add second curving line to make inside line of cape.


Step Four:  Add hair to Queen. You can make a collar by drawing a lower case w shape.

Step Five: Add lower edge of dress with curvy line.  Add details like pattern on cape edge.

Step Six:  Draw shoes using U shape.  Add fold lines of dress if you like.  Queens love beautiful necklaces.  We drew a sun necklace.

Step Seven: Draw a King in the same way – U-shape for face, add crown, and draw ears instead of hair.

Step Eight:  Add cape details to King.  We drew a rectangle shape for his shirt and another rectangle shape for pants with line down the middle.  Draw u shape shoes.

Step Nine: Draw a medal for the King (necklace).  We did a circle shape.