It was a room full of Kings and Queens of Hearts.  To make it proper – each child made their own cape and crown.  Oooo – the fun we had! (These would be so great for a birthday party!)

To make the cape – all you need is a plastic table cloth from the dollar store.  Cut in half lengthwise.  Then cut each length into 3 equal sections for a total of 6 capes per table cloth.  My dollar store had bags of Valentine foam stickers that the children decorated their capes with.

 A gathering of kings!  One of the kings lept into the air and when he landed he told my intern, “Did you see how I glided down with this cape?”  Magic was in the air!
To make a closure, use sticky back round velcro discs.  Stick to cape placing on one side and the other on the opposite (see above) for correct overlap when wearing.
Front of cape when worn.
Let the children decorate their capes with foam stickers.
One student’s wonderful design work!
Making the  crowns – I used purchased pre-cut gold crowns.  I cut out hearts from scrapbook paper and had foam sticks from the dollar store for the children to decorate with.  I loved how individual each child’s design turned out.