The object of education is to teach us love of beauty.
I adore that the classrooms of Reggio Emilia hold aesthetic beauty as an important part of respecting the child and their learning environment.  Waldorf education honors the child with objects made from the highest quality  – as natural as possible.   These things make such a difference in the atmosphere of the classroom.  This is one of those projects that brings such a special mood with it!  This tree is so beautiful not only in the classroom but in the home as well.
My school has been closed because of a blizzard that rumbled across the midwest!  I had planned this as a project this week.  It was clear today that it wasn't going to happen this week so I sent my husband out into the depths of the snow to find a tree branch.  Normally, the children would help me create the blossom tree.  No worries –  when we return to school they will make marbelized hearts to hang on the tree.  This tree is not only great for the Chinese New Year but it transitions nicely into Valentine's.

What you will need: heavy gel medium (for the glue), deep pink tissue paper cut into squares, and a tree branch.

Scrunch up the tissue paper to form a blossom.
Dip the blossom into the gel medium.
Place blossom on branch.