During August, we talked about how we each live in our own home.  One of the projects we did was to make a paper bag house or apartment building (depending on where you lived).  We then set up a little city with our “homes.”   The photos below are from that first project.   I am going to revisit this – this time adding their address.  Learning our address in one of our state standards.

I like creating the context of an address as a location marker.  Making our homes and adding it's “location marker” helps children understand why we have addresses.  The first day, I will have them make their homes.  The second day, we will set up the mini-city.

I begin by asking, “How can I find your home?”  We will brainstorm ways we can locate our homes.  It always boils down to the address.   I will then give them their address to attach to their homes.


On the third day, I will use these homes as sorting tools.  We will sort our homes by the numbers, the letters, the street names – any way we can brainstorm sorting the addresses.  This makes learning your address so much more fun!

The fourth day, we will visit the final step – discussing phone numbers.  “How can I talk to you at your home from my home?”

We will attach our phone numbers to our homes.  And do the sorting process once again.


I will give children the choice to keep their home at school to use in block play for that week.  I will post photos after we do this project!