This is so cool!  I love it!  My friend and colleague, Joyce Flynn, came up with the best idea for sight bingo.  I like it so much better than a purchased bingo game.   Here's how Joyce does it:

1.  She gives each child a piece of white paper and a marker.
2.  She instructs (demonstrates) how to draw the two “landscape” lines and the two “portrait” lines that will make the bingo board.

3.  Next, she writes one sight word at a time on the white board.  The children write it in one of the boxes on their bingo board.  She erases each sight word after it has been written on the bingo board.


Each child is given a handful of markers.  She used teddy bear counters.
She calls out a sight word and they put their marker on it.
The first child to get three in a row has a bingo.
If a child gets a bingo – they must read each of the sight words in the row.


Joyce makes a chart with the sight words and marks them off as she calls them.  They play at least five rounds.  She says it is quick and so easy!


I am so doing this tomorrow in my class!  What I love about it is that the sight words are taught with auditory (receptive and expressive), visual (receptive and expressive), tactical, interpersonal, intra-personal. . . it is so brain smart!  Thank you, Joyce, for sharing this and for letting me post it!!  Most of my best teaching practices I learned from other teachers. . .