Every year I spend two full weeks inside the mood and inspiration of China.  Over the last ten years, I have collected many wonderful items for this exploration.   My daughter went to China at 13 years old as an exchange student and brought back many things for my classroom.  My family has hosted two Chinese students in our home.

Transforming your housekeeping to a Chinese Restaurant or home can be simple.  The two best resources for materials are your local Asian market and the fabric store.  Here are a few photos from around the classroom:
One year I wrote a grant and ordered these wonderful Evi dollhouse dolls  for my dollhouse.  I purchased several sets to fit the different fairy tales we move through during the year.


I always put out fabric in the block area.  During the Chinese New Year unit I place Asian inspired fabrics, strips of the colors seen in the Asian palette, and even place mats. This student took the Asian inspired fabric and covered the dollhouse.  I think it was quite a lovely touch!
She took some of the blocks and build a ladder to the upper level.  It is so cool when materials find new uses.  I value creativity thinking so much!! It is such a delight!


In Chinatown, I found so many traditional costume dress for children.  My local Asian market sells these as well.  I have a basket full for the children to dress-up in.


I have a nice assortment of fabric fans.  Paper fans usually do not withstand the play!


The housekeeping area is filled to the brim with assorted items that bring the mood of China.  I used two calendars from a local restaurant for a “screen” effect on my playstand.


My local Asian market sells Chinese restaurant dishes.  They are perfect for housekeeping.


I save Chinese tins, containers and any photos I might find in magazines and journals.