You might have noticed I have not posted as much in the last 5 days. . . . I had every intention of posting while attending a workshop in New York City.   That said, I just had to share a few of the highlights of my trip.   (I even found a few cool projects. . .)

I took the subway everywhere!   I was so happy that I brought my warm boots as it was cold.
This is a vanilla cupcake from Buttercup Bake Shop.  OMG!
Walking through Greenwich Village, I saw these habitats made by a preschool class.  Each habitat is built inside a box.   Look at that spider habitat.  I love the web.  It is obvious that the children generated much of the details.   I think the layers of paper and drawings on the inside of the box is a wonderful process in beginning a habitat.
An ant habitat.  It would be cool to figure out how to build tunnels for those sweet ants!
I love, love, love the layers in this ocean habitat.  Look at the paper creatures and the foam clay creatures!  And again, the layering of the inside of the box.
Oh yeah, had to see The Rockefeller Tree!