Over the last 10 years, I have developed my own creative process to the Twelve Holy Nights practice.  As a multimedia artist, the process is one of bringing my inner life to paper.   At the end of the twelve days I have a resource to look at and be inspired by all year long.

I keep my notebook small so I can carry it in my purse.  I purchased it in the bargain section of Barnes and Nobles for $4.95.  Since I will be traveling this week, I am packing my mini-watercolors and mini colored pencils to take with me.


I keep a stack of magazines for collage work.


Gathering images and words for the notebook:  The best method I have found is to quickly flip through a few magazines and pick words and images that speak to me.  I do not think about it.  It is like brainstorming.  I will put these in a ziplock bag to use throughout the twelve nights.


I use a metallic marker to label the notebook.


In a quiet space, I will write, collage, paint, draw the goals, visions, and images for that month. This is a very personal process and looks different for each individual. Prayer and meditation help set the space for the notebook work.  Be sure and check the links below for more suggestions.


Working on a page.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:  I received several great blog links to share: