This is a sweet project for families over the holidays.  A few years ago I had my mother, father and children all making one.  They all still have their work displayed in their homes!!  I also chose this as a project at the museum with kindergarten age children.


What you will need: a shell (about $2 at Michael's), Mod Podge, Tacky glue, assorted beads, gems and glitter, color copies of Madonna images and little brushes for applying glue and dusting off glitter.


Cut out the Madonna image you have chosen.  Apply Mod Podge to the back of the image and place on the shell.  Apply Mod Podge to front of image and smooth paper to shell.


Embellish as you wish.  I applied a starry halo with star gems.


Apply a thin coat of glue and sprinkle little seed beads to create texture.


I lined my seed beads with light blue stars.


I embellished the ridge of the shell with little pearls.


I sprinkled the finest glitter to her cloak and in the curve of the shell.
I will now let it dry!  Done!


This is my daughter's shell.