The sheer hanging drape was painted by the children and then used as a room divider.  The teacher told me she purchased the drape from IKEA.
I love how they used so much wood and natural tones.  You do not see a lot of plastic!


Now this is a market!  Look at all the details and items in this center!
A large circus style top hung over the whole group area.
The yearlong theme in this kindergarten was “buildings.”  These are paintings the children created.  Below the paintings you can see their reflective strips that they wear to walk to school.


A helper chart with visual images.  The children’s names are on clothes pins.


This is their Birthday House.  On meet the teacher night, each child decorated a “window” (notice the one window that is not open yet).   On their birthday, the window is opened.  I love this idea!

For more information about Switzerland’s early childhood education, here is an article: Teaching and learning in early childhood in German-speaking Switzerland