Making shakers out of small sticks and tree limbs is a great project for Autumn.

What you will need:  Sticks (the best kind have a “Y” shape), yarn, glue, feathers, wire, and buttons.
Step One: Tie on the yarn with a knot for beginning the wrapping process for the children.
Step Two:  To add feathers, simply lay the feather flat and continue to wrap.  (Lay the feather the opposite direction of the wrapping motion.)
Step Three:  Continue to wrap the stick and add feathers as desired.
Student adds feather to her stick.
Another child’s stick in progress.
Step Four:  Wrap the wire around one side of the “Y.”
Step Five:  Add a variety of buttons.
Step Six:  Wrap the other end of the wire on the other side of the stick’s  “Y.”
Step Seven:  To secure any final yarn ends, dab a bit of glue on it.
Student stands to wrap her stick.
Each student’s work will reflect their capacity for the task.