hand sewing
MATERIALS:  To sew with kindergarteners all you need are blunt tipped needles (found in the needlepoint section), burlap fabric, yarn and a marker to write the first initial of the student on the burlap.
hand sewing 1

I used a paint pen to write the letter in white on the dark brown burlap.  I double threaded the needles and tied a knot.  I started the needle for the children.  The best way I have found to teach hand sewing in a “running stitch” is to explain that it is an AB pattern in which you go up/down/up/down.  When they “go around” it is not up or down.  It is easy to pull out the needle and thread when this happens.
hand sewing 2

hand sewing 3

Here is a finished letter!  It is such an accomplishment to sew your own name!