This is a fun way to use leather and fabric scraps.  It helps to build critical fine motor skills and a child’s capacity to make decisions about design, size, portion, and function of the leather/fabric scraps they select.
Step One:  Put out a selection of scraps for the children to choose from.
Step Two:  Let the children cut the scraps into clothing pieces.  I encouraged them to design an outfit for Two Feathers – a character from a story we have been engaged in.  Some of the leather was difficult to cut and took extra effort.  This is very beneficial to building hand strength and motor control!  Don’t help!  Let them work!
  IMPORTANT!  Do not provide patterns or tracers.  Allow the process of design to emerge.  This is such a critical process of learning and creativity.
Step Three:  Glue the leather clothing piece to paper.  Using crayon, add the head, arms, and legs.