This week my class built their own Native American home.  It was super easy.  What I love about this process is the ownership the children take in the process.  Here’s what we did:

I used a queen size flat sheet and water based markers.  I put out papers with Native American picture writing examples.  And let the class loose!

The children adored creating their little “stories” with pictures.  Yesterday, one boy went delightfully to the tepee and pointed out which parts he drew.  There is a special warmth to this tepee with those hand drawn images.

To construct the tepee, I used five long sticks (I have also used bamboo poles from Pier I Imports) and wrapped them together with rope.   I draped the sheet around the sticks and secured with safety pins at the top and at the bottom at the two front sticks.
I put nature items inside the structure and hung a Native American shield I found in Colorado.   Young children love the enclosure of a tent.  I can still remember as a child building my own structures to play in.
When you are done just wash the sheet and the water-based markings will disappear!