Math Gnomes: Plus

I think Waldorf Math Gnomes are one of the most magical ways to introduce the math processes!  It all begins with a story! Once, a long time ago, there lived a Gnome King.  He loved the jewels found deep in the earth and asked for special helpers to fill his treasure chest.   Four very […]

A Sneak Peek! Rose Rock School

I am so excited to share a wonderful jewel in the heart of Oklahoma – Rose Rock Waldorf School!  This school was founded by Shanah Ahmadi as an in-home childcare facility in 2010.  Shanah’s goal is to provide a warm and home like environment for young children in a Waldorf-inspired way.  Her approach includes daily […]

Teaching Children How to “Make Their World”

Elizabeth des Roches is a Wild Waldorf Mama & a Vintage Crafts Explorer. Just over 3 years ago – she & her husband decided to sell their house in Toronto after buying a beautiful old house in the French countryside. They packed up her books & materials, his tools & their 2 youngest kids decided […]

A Fall Nature Table – How to Create Your Own

GUEST BLOGGER:  Elizabeth des Roches Elizabeth des Roches is a Wild Waldorf Mama & a Vintage Crafts Explorer.   Just over 3 years ago – she & her husband decided to sell their house in Toronto after buying a beautiful old house in the French countryside.  They packed up her books & materials, his tools & […]

Arrival Stones!

This is a wonderful idea from Andrea Revel, a grade one teacher from Calgary Alberta.  Thank you Andrea for sharing it! On the first day of school, Andrea reads the book “Everybody Has a Rock.”  Each child blindly selects a pebble from the basket (she collected these from the Pacific Ocean). Andrea tells the children that […]

Waldof: Table Puppets

Waldorf table puppets have to be one of the most powerful things I have ever taken into my teaching practice.  They are simple standing puppets.  People make them in a variety of ways and materials.  This table puppet is a part of a late spring Nature Table.  She is made of wool felt.  This table […]

Waldorf: Marionettes

There is nothing so magical as the art of the marionette – Waldorf style!  These etheric creatures are made of hand dyed silks and lovingly sewn into special characters.  For the newbie to Waldorf education – the lack of facial features can seem odd.   But wait and watch the imagination of the child and the […]

Waldorf: Classrooms

I am starting this series out with a view of the whole classroom.  Many of these photos are over ten years old.  I have noted approximate dates. These photos will give you a feeling for the mood of a Waldorf Kindergarten.  I love how each one has its own favor.  No two classrooms are quite […]

The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology

Loved this segment about Waldorf education on NBC.  Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Oh So Lovely!

I have found the most amazing needle felted artist, Daria, on Etsy.   I ordered Mother Earth for my nature table.  It is more beautiful than it is in these photos.  Her talent is extraordinary!  If you are looking for nature table dolls – I recommend checking out her Etsy store!  (And I am getting […]

Story Stones made by a Kindergartener

This week one of my kindergarten students came to school with her own story stones.  She had wanted her own set and found a way to make them – stickers!  I was so impressed with her creative solution of how to get an image on the stone!   Her mother told me she gathered the stones […]

The Sense of Taste

There are two main ways we take in the world – through the sense of taste (food) and through the impressions of our senses of the outside world.   All eating is a communion.   Through the sense of taste we differentiate between the different kinds of tastes and in one sense, commune with the life giving […]

The Sense of Smell

It is through the sense of smell that we gather messages about the environment around us.  We are attuned to our environment with every breath we take by the automatic function of smell that detects dangers, food, and other people.   (Think about common phrases we use – “I smell trouble in the air!”  “Did you get wind of that?”  “She […]

Saturday Senses – The Sense of Balance

The lower four senses are probably the most important in the development of the young child.  The sense of balance is perhaps the most intense to try and write in a short article!   My personal notes on this sense is well over fifteen pages and I have struggled for several days trying to condense the […]

Saturday Senses – The Sense of Movement

I am amazed as I sit down to write about each sense how much there is to say.  I could write an entire book on each sense!!  The science of this sense could fill a week of posts.  There was no way to put everything in but I encourage you to google sense of movement […]

Saturday Senses – The Sense of Touch

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth —Virginia Satir On the most basic level, the sense of touch (the tactile sense) helps us to define what is self and not self.  It is a picture of boundaries.  Through […]

Saturday Senses – The Sense of Life

Welcome to the first installment of a twelve week series on Rudolf Steiner’s model of the twelve senses.  Interestingly, the skills children need to succeed in school are formed by the four lower senses – the sense of life, the sense of touch, the sense of movement and the sense of balance.  The focus of […]

The Twelve Senses

Welcome to Saturday Senses! For the next twelve Saturdays I will feature one of the twelve senses.  I am absolutely passionate about this model and what it provides in understanding how we process life.  Actually, it is incredible to me that at the turn of the last century, Rudolf Steiner had realized we had more […]

My Twelve Holy Nights Notebook and Additional Resources

Over the last 10 years, I have developed my own creative process to the Twelve Holy Nights practice.  As a multimedia artist, the process is one of bringing my inner life to paper.   At the end of the twelve days I have a resource to look at and be inspired by all year long. […]

The Twelve Holy Nights

The 12 holy nights begin December 26 and goes until The Three Kings day on January 6.  In my Waldorf teacher training, one of my mentors told me how this is the most powerful time to create the following year.  Each of the holy nights represents a month in the coming year (sequentially).  During each […]

Easy Peasy Santa

Children love to have little people in their play to retell the stories of the season.  What fun to have Santa! It is quite easy to make simple little folks based on seasonal impulses with wooden bases, wool roving, and wool felt.  I do not use patterns to make my wooden base dolls.  Here I […]

Sewing Little Elves

This week my class began sewing little elves.  We have been learning the tale of  “The Elves and the Shoemaker.”  This is a wonderful tale about the spirit of giving.  It also offers a great opening to discuss wants and needs. I used a traditional pattern for gnomes and altered it a bit for the […]

Walnut Ships

This is a wonderful project for Autumn.  Traditionally, you use melted wax to attach the mast and sails to the walnut shell but I have found another method that allows children to build their own. Supplies:  walnuts in the shell, toothpicks, paper and wax crayons for decorating, modeling clay, heavy gel medium (this is my […]

Walnut People

I first saw these sweet tiny folks in a Waldorf classroom.  They are super easy to make and provide wonderful play for a crisp Autumn day! You will need the following supplies:  a strong tacky glue, walnuts, acorn caps, 1 inch wooden balls with an 1/2 inch hole (I used what I had on hand […]