I am so excited to share a wonderful jewel in the heart of Oklahoma – Rose Rock Waldorf School!  This school was founded by Shanah Ahmadi as an in-home childcare facility in 2010.  Shanah's goal is to provide a warm and home like environment for young children in a Waldorf-inspired way.  Her approach includes daily interaction with nature, whole organic foods, gardening, and daily tasks in the care of the environment.  Rose Rock School now has a second location under the direction of Acacia Moore.  Currently, the school has children up to the age of kindergarten.

Please note!  All of the photos with children were taken by Rose Rock School – by a gifted photographer Frances Whalen!


A classroom at the original location (called the “Purple House.”)  I was so impressed by the lovely way everything has been organized.  The space is truly a community gathering place filled with natural sunlight.

One of the things I adore about Waldorf Education is the care taken to create simple but gorgeous figures for play and storytelling.  Felted figures like this one are much more warm and inviting than hard plastic characters.

A felted painting – so beautiful!  Such a great collaborative project for young children.




A birthday circle.  A special moment shared with great care.

Play space at the new location (called “The White House”).


Color coded wash clothes – each child has a color.

A great texture space for play inside the White House.

Peach pits as loose materials!  This is so dang cool!!  Waldorf early childhood classrooms, like Reggio, use lots of natural loose parts.

Check Rose Rock School Website HERE

Special Note:

Learning Spaces e-course includes an entire week that focuses on Waldorf Inspired Spaces.  I am so thrilled that it includes an amazing interview with Shanah and a tour of the two schools.  For more information on Learning Spaces click HERE.