Fall Leaf Investigation

One of the perks of fall is the gorgeous weather and a leaf investigation is a great excuse to go outside which makes it a wonderful addition to your fall activities! To begin our leaf investigation we read the book, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This book displays creations that have been made with nature […]

Construction Provocations – Rosa Parks ECEC

Every time I visit Rosa Parks ECEC, I am taken aback by their creativity and dedication. Their rooms are beautifully adorned with child-made chandeliers, inspirational documentation,  earthy tones, and it is clean, very clean! It inspires me to come home and declutter my house every time! It is a win-win for all. On my last […]

DIY Blocks! So Easy!

When I made the move up in grades from PreK to First grade, I was a little taken aback that blocks would not be an item that was provided by the district I worked for at the time. I cannot use the word shocked as that would be exaggerating, but I was definitely bummed. Blocks […]

How to Set-Up A Simple Outdoor Math Center

Creating simple centers outdoors is not only easy but economical.  To demonstrate this – I want to share a simple center.  This center could be a solo activity or group collaboration. OBJECTIVE: Sorting, Classifying, & Pattering. Sorting and classifying objects not only teaches children about attributes and relationships, but also promotes thinking logically and applying rules. MATERIALS: […]

Chinese Painted Fans & Dancing

I am always amazed at the level of joy and engagement the exploration of the Chinese New Years brings to the classroom.  It is richly embedded with academic learning (for example see Chinese Counting Set ) in a way that addresses multiple learning styles and needs.  Fan dancing is another great math activity. I am […]

DIY Natural Geoboard

Earlier this week I saw this in Mrs. Webb’s classroom.  I loved it and asked her – where did you find that?  She promptly told me she made it.  And it is so simple.  Scroll down for instructions. Materials: tree boards (Hobby Lobby) nails a bag of stretchy bands (like you use on those looms […]

Paper Buildings

This week during our skyscraper study – a student suggested we build a skyscraper out of paper.  I was amazed how he figured out to do it – paper tubes!  Here are a few photos of the children attempting the paper challenge!  I taught my class how to “tab” and they figured out how to […]

Skyscrapers, Buildings, and Structures!

This week my kinders are diving into a study of buildings – primarily skyscrapers.  Today I explained that skyscrapers have four main parts – the foundation, the beams (skeleton), stories, and facade.  I played a few youtube videos of New York’s skyline as well. Next, I gave each color family (four students in each group) […]

Domino Math

I set up this math activity as a workstation this week.  I found a great free download at this blog:  http://firstgradeschoolbox.blogspot.com/ What you need: Print the worksheet off from First Grade School Box (link above) Dominos TIP:  I told my kinders that they were to do as many as they could.  I had some students […]

Hands-On Addition!

This is so easy to do with existing manipulatives in your home or classroom.  I put a different manipulative set in each group (see photos).  I print and laminate an “Addition Mat” for each child.  We began with the number five and are working through the number 10 to start.   It amazes me how much […]

AB Pattern Necklaces

An oldie but beloved! The children adore this activity and never realize they are being assessed!  Woot!  I begin by placing three different color of beads on each table.  I tell the children they are making an AB pattern necklace and can only use two colors.  I put small paper plates on the table for […]

Addition Ladybugs

I saw this idea in the hallway across from my kindergarten.  Mrs. Goodroe was putting them out on display.  Love it!  I just had to do it as well.  We did this as a small group activity.  The children loved it.  3 + 6 = 9 HOW TO DO THIS: Materials:  white cardstock, sharpies, red […]

Addition Made Easy!

This is such a simple idea!  I found it on another blog a while back and did not note it.  (If you know where I found my inspiration – let me know!)  I adore this idea as it gives the children a hands on and visual representation of the math problem.   I think it is […]

Jack and the Beanstalk – Math Ideas

This week we began the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Today I thought I would share a few of the math activities we have been doing.  They are obvious ideas but perhaps new in the application in this story!  I wanted to take the concepts of “enormous” and “giant”  and bring them to life […]

"Reggio Inspired" Child Made Calendar and More!

In November of last year, I had the opportunity to tour a Reggio Emilia inspired school in my area and see the classrooms.  One of the things that absolutely captured my heart was the child generated print materials. It was so inspiring!  I came back resolved to toss my commercial made materials and have the […]

Make Your Own Math Games – Fit for Royality!

The following math games are wonderful for number recognition, one to one correspondence, counting, taking turns, and beginning addition. Addition – the game of friendship!  This is a fun little game to play and easy to make. It has three objectives – to practice identifying less than and more than; to add two numbers together […]

Native American Unit in Switzerland

In 2005, I received a Fund for Teachers fellowship to travel to Europe to see early childhood classrooms.  I had the delight of spending a few days in a kindergarten in Winterthur, Switzerland.  They were studying the Native Americans.  Here are a few of their class projects.  The teacher had cut out border strips into […]