Make Your Own Story Stones

Story Stones are a great way to get students excited about story telling and they are surprisingly easy to make! Materials Needed: Stones A variety of stickers Modge Podge Paint Brush Small container to pour the Modge Podge in (this is optional) *I purchased all of my materials at our local Dollar Tree*   The Process: […]

Firstie Friday ~ Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

It is so strange to me that I have a first grader. When I taught first grade, my students seemed so big! Now that I have a first grader of my own, I can hardly believe how small they really were. My kiddo struggles with sight words so I have searched high and low for […]

A Peek into the 100th Day of School: Freebies

We began the day with the “collection of 100” each student brought to school.  I put out a large black construction paper for each student to display their collection.  I like using black as it really showcases the collection.  I used to have the children glue down their collections in groups of ten.  But now […]

I like Myself Project

This is a project from one of my colleagues – Jennifer Dean.  Her documentation of the project is so well done – I can let it do the talking. . .                 Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wonderful work!

Easy Peasy Letter & Sight Word Jewels

I love making special gems and jewels to help motivate my students to learn critical skills like letters, letter sounds and sight words (see method here).  But my original method was way too time consuming.  I needed easy peasy.  I had a bag of those big sparkly jewels (from Michael’s Craft Store).  Perfect! Yes!  Super easy!  […]

Patty’s Room: Writing Materials

There is are so many meaningful opportunities for Patty’s Pre-k children to write.  Here are a few: Color sorted markers and colored pencils.  The writing center materials.  I love the two choices – fat pencil or golf pencil.  These are both developmentally appropriate.  And providing tape!  So important!   More writing center materials- a tray […]

Celebrating New Siblings

I know most of you probably do something like this or even something more elaborate.  But I think it is always fun to share ideas.  Here is what I do — I would love to hear about what you do!   Cole is becoming a brother for the first time tomorrow so we made him a […]

Drawing + Word Work

I think it was five or six years ago that I went out to San Francisco to visit my BFF Mimi. Her daughter, Fifi, attended an arts based charter school and her kindergarten teacher welcomed me into his classroom for the day. As the children arrived, they would draw the picture and word he had […]

Green Eggs and Ham Writing Project

One of my colleagues, Amber Hatch, (who is a talented curriculum designer) came up with the best idea.  (And it is super easy!)  The children made their own “green” egg.  Each child wrote “I do not like. . .” and a food they do not like using kid-writing.   Love this project! What you will need: […]

A Handwriting Helper

This is an idea that comes from one of my interns this year, Tracy.  She saw it in another classroom.   I could not find anything about it online so I just had to make my own poster.  When you begin teaching handwriting on the “lines” this is such a helpful visual for the children. Chicken […]

End of the Year Kid Interview

I found this interview several years back and love capturing the children’s responses.  Some of the things they say are priceless.  It makes a great glimpse into the way they were thinking at this age.  I put it in their class photo albums. Examples of their responses: What would be the best thing someone could […]

Fish Glyph

This is such a cute glyph that Mrs. Goodroe did with her class.  Mrs. Goodroe has the best ideas!  I have posted her Fish Glyph that summarizes what each element represents.  The handprint fish are super easy to do. Fish Glyph

Transforming Eggs

This is a project from Mrs. Goodroe’s kindergarten across the hall from me.  Each student is given an egg cut out to transform.  They then wrote the sentence, “It was an egg, now it is a . . .”.  I thought they turned out so lovely!

In the Tall, Tall Grass

This was an art project in another kindergarten class in my school.  I altered only one thing.  The teacher had a pre-printed sheet of insects and animals for the children to color and cut out to put in the “tall, tall grass.” (based on the book of the same title).   I kept the focus […]

Kid Writing

Kid writing is an amazing reflection of student understanding of not only their own thoughts, but of letter sounds as well.   It is such a natural process.   Everyday in my classroom, the first activity of the day is writing in your journal.  In my classroom, the children are BOSS of their journal writing – I […]

In the Hallway

There are always such great things happening in the kindergarten rooms around me!  I wanted to share a few of the current happenings: Mrs. Mendoza’s class made these after reading “It Looked Like Split Milk.”   The images were made by putting white paint on blue construction paper and folding it in half.  The children […]

Handwriting Practice

Recently on one of the yahoo groups I belong to someone posted the best idea for writing.  It was from the program – Write from the Beginning.  I do not know how the program is structured but what I gleaned from the post on yahoo – this is what I have adapted for my classroom. […]

The Stages of Hand Grip for Writing

As a teacher and educator, I am very concerned about the push down of handwriting.  It is scary to see the wide spread practice of teaching three and four year olds to write before they are physically ready.  I wanted to share a few developmental pieces I have regarding the development of the hand grip. […]

It’s the Handwriting Fairy!

I begin handwriting with a very special pencil!  It is quite a big deal.  I wait until October before formally introducing the pencil.  I tell the children that this is a special pencil that has a special way to hold it – the tripod grip!  I teach the proper pencil grip.  I do use a […]