Photo taken at Ten Thousand Waves Spa, 10/29/10 It has been a difficult week.  My daughter, a teacher herself, has had an unusual onset of numbness on the left side of her body.  She is undergoing testing and we are confident we will find the cause.  But it reminded me of how important self care […]

The Sweet Delicious Details of Life

Where does love live?  On February 14?  We celebrate love every Valentine’s day with chocolates, bunches of roses, little notes of love and oh yes,  those expensive fufu meals.   But is this really love?  Maybe this is the mass market wrap it, stamp it and sell it kind of love.  Nothing wrong with it. Can’t […]

Good Teaching Scents!

According the Rudolph Steiner, the sense of smell has a direct impact on memory and thus is a great ally in the educational process.  However, he does warn to not over do it.  I think it is important to find subtle smells and use sparingly.  Remember that an adult’s sense of smell is much duller […]