Toddler Tales ~ How to Make Your Own Sensory Table

For my toddler’s birthday this year, I decided to make him a sensory table inspired by Tom Bedard! I didn’t really know how this would turn out since I was attempting to create this with items I had on hand, except for the bag of beans. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out […]

Toddler Tales ~ Making Reindeer Food

Who knew making reindeer food could be so much fun?! Needing a quick and easy gift for my toddler to give to his classmates, I settled on reindeer food. With only 2 ingredients, it’s so simple! However, I had no idea how much fun my little man would have with the process of making it! […]

Meaningful Documentation in the Early Childhood Classroom

Providing meaningful documentation has many benefits in the early childhood classroom. Today I want to share some examples of meaningful documentation from Rosa Parks ECEC here in Tulsa, OK. What is Documentation? To put it simply, documentation is a way to track students’ learning and thinking. When done correctly, documentation should take it’s viewer on […]

Empathy for the Big Bad Wolf ~ A New Take on an Old Tale

When I went to photograph at Rosa Parks recently, I noticed some peculiar documentation panels which seemed to show empathy for the Big Bad Wolf. I asked the classroom’s teachers about this and they confirmed my suspicions. Upon hearing the age old story of the Three Little Pigs, the children in the classroom wondered why […]

Invitation to Build a Turkey

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and my little turkeys are super excited! I set up a simple invitation to build a turkey to keep them engaged this weekend while I got caught up on some much needed preparation for the upcoming holiday. The Provocation I used homemade Playdough that we made a few months ago and […]

Toddler Tales ~ Painting a Gift

Having toddlers make gifts is such a wonderful way to add a personal touch during the holidays. Painting a gift can be a wonderful experience for the toddler and makes a lovely, unique gift. This painting process can also be an essential learning experience for toddlers. My toddler is really into painting. He would paint all […]

Atelier Ideas

One of my favorite parts of the Reggio Emilia Approach is their dedication to the atelier. Today I want to feature some local atelier ideas in the hopes they may inspire you or spark an idea for you and your atelier! “Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal […]

Make Your Own Story Stones

Story Stones are a great way to get students excited about story telling and they are surprisingly easy to make! Materials Needed: Stones A variety of stickers Modge Podge Paint Brush Small container to pour the Modge Podge in (this is optional) *I purchased all of my materials at our local Dollar Tree*   The Process: […]

12 Ideas for Storing Loose Parts

During the FREE Live Webinar, Loose Parts! Provocations! Oh My!, I noticed a lot of questions about how to store loose parts. Today I want to share 12 ideas with you for loose parts storage! These ideas come from the amazing Reggio-Inspired school, Rosa Parks ECEC! The best part? Most of these can be found either lying […]

Simple Literacy Provocations

I know some people get overwhelmed when trying to think of new ideas for provocations. Today I want to share with you some simple ideas for literacy provocations that may spark some new ideas for you! Enjoy! If you are reading this and wondering what a provocation is, please read Fairy Dust’s post: What is […]

Flexible Seating in a Reggio-Inspired School

Offering children flexible seating choices can be a great way to make the classroom environment more cozy and home-like. Let’s take a look at flexible seating in a Reggio-Inspired school. What is Flexible Seating? Flexible seating is simply offering students multiple choices of where and how to sit in the classroom. Traditionally, classrooms are supplied […]

Toddler Tales ~ Pumpkin Painting

One of my favorite October traditions is pumpkin painting! We take our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and the next day, we paint our pumpkins! It is such a fun and easy activity and the kids get to be more creatively involved than they do with pumpkin carving. Full Disclosure: This activity is an […]

Fall Leaf Investigation

One of the perks of fall is the gorgeous weather and a leaf investigation is a great excuse to go outside which makes it a wonderful addition to your fall activities! To begin our leaf investigation we read the book, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This book displays creations that have been made with nature […]

Creating a Literacy Rich Environment

Creating a literacy rich environment can be a teacher’s strongest tool that sets the stage for student success all year long. What is a literacy rich environment? An environment where children are exposed to and offered multiple ways to interact with: letters, books, environmental print, and writing materials.  Letters Exposing students to letters is a […]

Loose Parts

Let’s talk loose parts! When I was in the classroom, loose parts were one of my favorite elements of the Reggio Inspired approach to implement! My hope is after reading this post, you will need no explanation as to why that was. What are loose parts? Loose parts are materials that can be moved all around […]

Toddler Tales ~ A Dinosaur Provocation

My little one is really into dinosaurs. I attribute this to his older brother’s obsession spilling over onto him, nonetheless, we play with dinosaurs A LOT in my house. One day I decided to put a little dinosaur provocation on the light table and see what he would do with it. I simply placed a […]

Simplifying Documentation

One of the most important elements of Reggio-Inspired teaching is documentation. From experience, I know this can be one of the most intimidating pieces to implement. I want to share one example of a documentation panel I created along with my students in a first grade classroom. I want to share how I simplified this documentation […]

A Closer Look Round Up

I have read a lot of blog posts lately that have made me feel the need to take a closer look at the various approaches to learning. The post that really sparked this is from How We Montessori and is featured first. The following posts are ones that I feel really break down the Reggio approach and […]

Firstie Friday ~ Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

It is so strange to me that I have a first grader. When I taught first grade, my students seemed so big! Now that I have a first grader of my own, I can hardly believe how small they really were. My kiddo struggles with sight words so I have searched high and low for […]

Toddler Tales: Outdoor Clay Play

Now that I’m not in the classroom, I get to spend a lot of time doing fun activities with my kiddos. I have a 20 month old and a 6 year old who still love doing fun activities with me so I try to take advantage of it every chance we get. I thought it […]

Mother’s Day Masterpiece!

When searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas this year, I came across two ideas that I really liked and decided to combine them. This created a 3 step art project that yielded a masterpiece of a gift. Step One: The painting I decided to try a new technique for the canvas  painting. While browsing Pinterest, […]

Construction Provocations – Rosa Parks ECEC

Every time I visit Rosa Parks ECEC, I am taken aback by their creativity and dedication. Their rooms are beautifully adorned with child-made chandeliers, inspirational documentation,  earthy tones, and it is clean, very clean! It inspires me to come home and declutter my house every time! It is a win-win for all. On my last […]

DIY Blocks! So Easy!

When I made the move up in grades from PreK to First grade, I was a little taken aback that blocks would not be an item that was provided by the district I worked for at the time. I cannot use the word shocked as that would be exaggerating, but I was definitely bummed. Blocks […]

Light & Shadow Provocations – Rosa Parks ECEC

Last week, I mentioned that I would be sharing a few of the light and shadow provocations I saw at Rosa Parks ECEC. These provocations were magical and inviting. They also added ambiance to the rooms. As beautiful as the pictures are, they can only attempt to capture the magic that the “real thing” provides. […]

BAM! – A Simple Sight Word Game

It seems as though I woke up one morning and I was suddenly a mom of a Kindergartener! What? How did this happen? Where is the time going? One minute he’s a playful PreK student coming home with dirt in his hair and paint on his hands. The next he’s coming home with sight word lists and […]

Nature Inspired Provocations – Rosa Parks ECEC

Recently, I – along with the other members of ORIN (Oklahoma Reggio-Inspired Network) – had the pleasure of touring Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center. This is a Reggio-Inspired preschool in the Union Public School district. This school is beautiful inside and out. For the purpose of the ORIN meeting, the teachers had created nature-inspired […]

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc.

The St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc. is an incredible resource for teachers. What is it, you ask? It is a place where all things “teachery” come to wait for their classroom home. If you are like me, you are always reusing items from around your house in your classroom. Things from jar lids to […]

All Around Child-Outside

I have been sharing the wonderful things I saw while visiting All Around Child in Overland Park, KS. So far we have explored the common areas, hallways, and the beautiful classrooms. Now you will get to see the masterpiece that is the outside play areas, but they are so much more than that. They are […]

All Around Child-Inside the Classrooms

Recently, I posted about All Around Child, a Reggio-Inspired preschool in Overland Park, KS. I loved the school so much that there was no way I could have condensed my thoughts and pictures down to one post. We are about to explore the magic inside the classrooms and you will see why… I quickly learned […]

All Around Child-A Reggio-Inspired Preschool

I had the pleasure of taking a tour through All Around Child, a beautiful Reggio-Inspired preschool in Overland Park, KS. This school serves children 6 weeks to 6 years. I was so impressed with this school that I took way too many pictures to put into one post. This will be a glimpse into the […]