DIY Natural Geoboard

Earlier this week I saw this in Mrs. Webb’s classroom.  I loved it and asked her – where did you find that?  She promptly told me she made it.  And it is so simple.  Scroll down for instructions.


tree boards (Hobby Lobby)
a bag of stretchy bands (like you use on those looms for potholders)

If you study the photos – you can see Mrs. Webb drew a grid.  She hammered the nails into where the horizontal and vertical lines met.

Viola!  Done.

Thank you Mrs. Webb!

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  1. How neat! Thanks for sharing the instructions too!

  2. I LOVE how these look! I’m going to be featuring you on my Friday 5 tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love geoboards! Since local shops don’t offer it, I had to make one my self. I used a cork board, you can see it here:

  4. Warenka says:

    I would like to ask what’s the purpose of a geoboard. I have no clue….

    Thanks in advance Sally…

    • Sally says:


      The Geoboard is a great tool for the young child to build fine motor control as they stretch and place the band on the board. The Geoboard has levels of understanding – at the most basic level it is about the creation of sided-shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.). I highly recommend doing a google search so you can see the possibilities!


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