My Favorite Things: Playstands

I cannot imagine my classroom without playstands.  These simple structures are truly the heart beat of my room.   I house my housekeeping center under these canopies.

There is this natural impulse in children to seek hidden, tent-like places.  The playstands satisfy this inner need with such beauty and grace.

The playstands can easily be transformed into a farmer’s market, a restaurant, a bakery . . . whatever the mind can imagine.  The possibilities are endless . . .

Belluna’s Playstands Click here.
Nova Natural’s Playstands – click here.
For more retailers – just google “playstands.”

A farmer’s market.

A “Global” Village.

A “Bat” cave.

A restaurant.

An Asian Infusion.

A royal court.

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  1. Mindy says:

    LOVE. I am absolutely in LOVE. I had NO IDEA these existed, brilliant.
    Kindergarten Kidlets

  2. Jane says:

    The children in your classes are so lucky!! :))

  3. We love these but working from home now I won’t be able to get one any time soon

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