Snowman Village

Here is a peek at the Snowman Village project.  I love the diversity of their villages.   I love providing a palette of choices.  In this project the children:

  • embellished their houses with markers and watercolor paints
  • painted the cardboard “earth” with snow
  • created snow “people” out of white foam clay (pipecleaners and markers for details)
  • pompoms, sticks and other elements were provided for fun

What I love about creating little villages and habitats is how much it captures the hearts and minds of the children.  It is a hushed room while these little universes are being created.

Afterwards, I like to have the children create a little story to go along with the village.  These villages hold the potential for many stories. . .

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  1. So creative and adorable! Amazing what a paper bag, some construction paper and other goodies can turn into. Your kids did a great job on these. Thanks for sharing. Renee

    • I agree, what can happen to a simple brown bag is amazing. I love the watercolors and markers – it gives each one its own special favor. I love the faces on the snow people.

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