Gingerbread Baby Goes Around the World!

I love this idea!  Susan, from River Bliss, has the Gingerbread Baby go around the world.  Susan explains, “Throughout the month of December, we receive a letter, postcard, or email nearly every day from the gingerbread baby telling us about various multicultural celebrations taking place at this time of year. He is directionally impaired to say the least and even ends up in Antarctica at one point! He is a curious cookie who just loves a party!”

For more on this unit, hop on over to Susan’s blog:

Click this link for Susan’s super Pinterest board:

Click this link for Sally’s Gingerbread Man Pinterest Board:

Thank you Susan!  

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  1. Marsha Ivany says:

    Hi Sally,
    This year my daughter used the Ginger Bread Man as a jumping off point to the Sochi Olympics. (gr. K-2) After making and baking gingerbread men, surprisingly one was missing from the oven tray. The next day the kids got a letter from him that he had run away to see the Olympics. Needless to say they were astounded and totally intrigued. There have even been sighting of him in the crowds by both the child and a parent!! My daughter and I took pics outside my home in the snow of a gingerbread cookie (complete with a Canada scarf and rogue) doing mogels, snowboarding and free style skiing on gingerbread equipment. What fun when the kids saw him in the photos that he mailed to them. Anyways, now it is over we would like to keep the fairy dust magic happening and have him travel to other places in the world. I know you recommend Susan’s ideas, but they are themed on the holidays. Your pinterest board for the Ginger bread Man is “not available”. I did take your course in the summer and have your notes which we will also include. But for now we want some ideas on the travel part. Perhaps when he gets to a place it isn’t the holiday, but a custom in that country, even a special food that we make??? We would track his travels on the map and at some point he will return, but maybe not “real” but back in his cookie form. We have many stories, felt board puppets, wooden puppets, play doh, etc. so will continue the literacy theme as well. I must say, my daughter and I (volunteer) and the school have had SO much fun with this all thanks to your fairy dust imagination and sharing of your wonderful ideas. Cheers from the Sochi stadium and celebrations!! Marsha (aka The Ginger Bread Girl)

    • Sally says:

      Thank you March for sharing this great adventure! Oh what fun! I love your daughter’s idea for the Sochi Olympics! Oh my word – I bet the photos are amazing! How cool and exciting for the students!!! I will go and see why my Gingerbread Man board is not available – it should be. I love the special food and custom idea.

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