Soulful Sunday


The Call of Teaching

I will never forget the moment I was called to teaching.

I was pregnant with my third child and decided to give my hand at volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class.  The first time I walked into the classroom a rush of knowing filled every pore.

I was home.

Like many before me who have had a deep calling – I did not listen to my soul’s yearning.  I thought, “Oh, not now. What on earth do I have to offer?”

It would be 8 more years before the call would knock again.   I am still amazed how something so simple can become so profound.

It was an innocent visit to see an alternative form of education.

My dear friend Sue and I had traveled to Boulder, Colorado to see Shining Mountain Waldorf School.   We were given a tour.

The tour guide took us into a third grade classroom.

Goosebumps ran up and down my arms.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw these students in action.

My heart swelled.   There was this vibrant life and energy in the room.  These third graders were on the edge of their seats engaged in learning.   The power of the education in that classroom was like a sculptor of clay.  It was forming the very soul of these children.  It was stunning.   Never before had a classroom moved me with such a force of deep respect.

Honestly,  I walked away from Shining Mountain in deep sadness about the quality of education in public schools.

Every child deserves this.  My child deserves this. 

My teaching heart knew – Education is more than facts, more than reading, more than test scores.

Witnessing that third grade classroom I knew there was a deeper truth of education (whether we admit or not.)

Education is the cultivation and weeding of the human soul.
It is soil in which we grow our young.
A test driven education is like a weed-choked garden.
It suffocates.

I believe teaching is a deep call of the soul.

It is a path of deep and profound privilege.

It is time to weed the garden.

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  1. Kimberley says:

    I feel everything you feel, especially about how Waldorf children feel about learning. We are shaming ourselves when we fail to let children adore coming to school and sharing who they are. Thank you for sharing yourself.

    First in Maine

    • There is something transformational when children have the power of the arts to express themselves. And they long for it. School is wonderful when it helps to unfold knowing who you are as a humanbeing!


  2. While I don’t know much about Waldorf education…I know that teaching HAS to be about more than the testing and the technology (and the teacher evaluation systems)…I know that I have been called to be a teacher and I will push hard through the “fear” that has invaded education and remember it is those little ones in my classroom that need to spur me on to do my best. Grateful for your inspiration and encouragement as I work on becoming the best teacher I can be to inspire my students to become excited learners! Lisa

  3. Amen, Sally! Love this post!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I recently found your blog and find it one of the best education blogs I have read. I am with you every step of the way. I too found my calling to teach after having my first child. I worked my way through grad school and had another child along the way. Now, I am still home with my young son (2 2/2) and subbing once or twice a week. I was offered a few jobs in the public school sector this year, but could not justify the cost to my family. I am eager to teach in the right setting at the right time, but am not sure yet what that will be. Your latest post came just at the right time. My spirit echoes your words in Soulful Sunday. I want nothing more that to create a kinder-garden for all children. P.S. I am also a horticultural therapist.

  5. Every day I teach is a wonderful day for me! The words, “I love school, oh no its the weekend again” stir my heart. I am hoping you may be interested in joining my Winter Exchange Project. Please visit Thanks, Maria

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