The Never Ending Story. . . .

Here is a little gold nugget I use in my classroom.  I tell an ongoing story that lasts all year long.  It is a simple tale about a Mother, a Father, a Sister, a Brother, a Cat and a Dog.  I do not use names – just Mother, Mom, Father, Dad, etc. – as using these terms allows room for the children to inject their own experiences.  They may even imagine their own family.

I will use this to bring things that have happen in the classroom, in student’s lives, the school, the playyard, my life — and I make it up as I go!  If I weave in something that happen in the life of a classmate – I change enough details that it is not directly identified.  BUT it is close enough the children’s eyes widen with recognition.  This is a great way to deal with tattling, lying, mean comments, leaving messes, etc.  You will be stunned at how effective storytelling is in resolving classroom issues.  You can give solutions indirectly with the story.

Each time I tell another “chapter” of the story – these ingredients are present:

-something happens – there is a problem
-a journey unfolds
-a solution is found

I end with a cliffhanger.  This has the children wanting more.  They will ask for “The Mother story or Brother story.”

The tale involves everyday happenings.  Here is a little bit of a sample:

Have fun! It is true Fairy Dust Magic!!!

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  1. Lyn Goff says:

    I LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing it.
    Mrs. Goff’s Pre-K Tales

  2. Kristy says:

    This is great!! I can’t wait to use it. 🙂 Your ideas are awesome Sally!!!

  3. April says:

    Love this idea. I have ongoing stories with my puppets (especially Scooter Squirrel), but I like the oral storytelling to go on through the year too! Thanks Sally!

  4. Gina aguirre says:

    Beautiful idea! Will try it in class…where is the sample though? I can’t see it

  5. Jai Johnson says:

    Thanks but I can’t see the sample neither ?

  6. Annelise Dent says:

    Awesome idea. I am going to share this with my friends. I also didn’t see the sample.

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