The Safe Pocket System Lesson Plan Packet!

Dear Ones,
I am so excited to offer you my first Lesson Plan Store product! It is a lesson plan packet specifically designed for implementing the Safe Pocket System.  It has everything you need to have a visual system of building children’s appropriate behavior and social skills.

This packet includes:

  • a poster of the Safe Pocket System Star
  • a poster of all the Life Skills
  • a poster for each of the Life Skills with definitions and a guiding question
  • daily lesson plans for introducing the system and each life skill
  • sign language connections to use as non-verbal corrections
  • family connections for each life skill
  • printable kangaroos for your pockets
  • and more!

You can find this in my Lesson Shop!


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  1. Lyn says:

    Sally, I was so excited to buy this. This year I have a class that I truly do not need any formal behavior management system. I still wanted it because !) I know the kids in next years class and they may very well need it and 2) reading about it last year made a big difference in my teaching when I was at my wits end. Thanks for sharing. I am going to write about it on my new blog if that is okay.

    • Absolutely Lyn! I have a class this year, as well, that does not need the visual system. (Sigh of relief) I went to your blog on my iphone – it looked great – will jump over while on my computer so I can the whole effect! So excited for you!

    • Lyn Goff says:

      Sally, I did post about the Safe Pocket System. I know that not many people will see my blog but I’d appreciate it, if you have time, if you can make sure that I summarized it in a way that you feel comfortable with.

  2. Lyn – you wrote about it so beautifully! Thank you!

  3. Katie says:

    Love this! I love that it is very positive. Ive done the ticket system and felt like I was constantly saying “take out a ticket. take out a ticket”. Do you report the child’s daily behavior home in anyway?

  4. Emily says:

    Is there a place to preview the packet?

    • Sally says:

      I am actually expanding and updating this and will have it in a TpT store in August. I encourage you to wait and you can preview the new one then!

      • Laurie says:

        When will this item be available on TPT? We started school yesterday and I’d love to purchase ASAP.

  5. Lucy Williams says:

    How do I find you on TpT? I tried to buy it from your store but it didn’t work. I am anxious to use this with my 4 YO!

  6. Lucy Williams says:

    Sally, I so need to buy this! This may be a silly question, but where can I find your lesson shop?

  7. Lucy Williams says:

    Ooops! Sorry, I wrote before I read your answer! Please forgive me! Ha Ha!

  8. Martha sainz says:

    Where can I purchase? I tried to put it in my checkout cart and it will not allow me to check out

    • Sally says:

      We are working on a new and updated version of Safe Pockets! It will be available very soon!

  9. Vickie Lokey says:

    I would love to purchase The Safe Pocket System. Where and how do I do this?

    • Sally says:

      It is FREE inside the Subscriber Membership site right next the the free library of ebooks!

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