Winter Dens for Bears

Make a hibernating bear den is one of the most beloved activities in the kindergarten.  See this post from last year:  Bear Dens.    This year I changed it up a bit and had the child glue the brown bag upside down on the paper plate.  I teach the children to use “tabbing” which is simply cutting slits to make a folded tab to glue down.  We use glue sticks.

 Each child cut their own opening in the bag.   This year I was given a huge bag of pine cones.  So we added trees!  I had a parent volunteer hot glue the pine cones on to the plate for us – the children chose their “trees” and told her where to glue it.
 The children added “snow” to the trees and the den.  (make snow by filling a dixie cup with shaving cream, add one good squeeze of white paint and one squeeze of glue.  Mix with a popsicle stick.)
 A dixie cup of snow paint goes a long ways.
 Do you see the bear inside the den?  Each child drew their own bear (or bears).
 This bear is not yet in his den. . .
Busy making bears!
Notice the food sources?  This student added a pond with fresh fish and berries. . . just in case her bear was awaken from his deep hibernation!

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  1. Malarie says:
  2. Kat says:

    So cute! What happens in the Spring then? The bears come out and have a picnic?!


  3. Barbara says:

    Those are great. Your kids must have had so much fun making them.

    Grade ONEderful

  4. I love this idea so, so much. Did you know that there is paper bag challenge over at Tinkerlab? When the link up is posted you should definitely include it as it is such a wonderful project. Have a great day!

  5. Mama Goose says:

    We always enjoyed that too! Thanks for posting. You remind me of what I need to do with the little one (revisit old crafts and stories).


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