The Sight Word Wallet

This is a simple and fun way to encourage and celebrate sight word knowledge!   It is a whole lot easier than the sight word gems!   I went to a Dr. Jean workshop and came back with a bunch of good ideas! This is one of them!

The “wallet” is made out of a simple piece of copy paper.
 I copied the sight words on green paper – like money.
(I have downloadable copies below.)
Turn the paper over so that the printed side is down.
 Fold the paper up, about an inch from the top, forming a long “pocket.”
 Staple the sides.
I have each child read the sight words to me.   If they know the sight word – they earn the sight word dollar.  Oh how wonderful to be so rich with words!!

I let the children decorate the outside of their paper wallet.  There is an interest to now “sew” their wallets.

Grab your downloads of the sight word “dollars” inside the Fairy Dust subscriber’s Member’s Library!  You will find them in the PDF Library.


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  1. Amy Trowbridge says:

    Sally this is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing! Have you ever made a duct tape wallet? They have awesome colors and my own girls make them all the time. I would be happy to share the measurements with you!

  2. Pernilla says:

    This is a great idea! Definately going to save this in my ideas’ folder. My daughter is almost 3 and loves letters and numbers and I think (at least soon) she would appreciate something like this.

    BW Pernilla

  3. @ Pernilla – it works great with numbers and letters too!

  4. @ Amy – No, I have not made the duct tape wallets but my intern mentioned it. I would love, love, love the measurements!

  5. Amy Trowbridge says:

    Sally I had to get the measurements from my daughters! Ha!
    To make each side you need to rip two pieces that are 9 inches long and then repeat and stick together to make one side. Repeat that process and then tape the bottom and sides together. You could be done there and just fold it in the middle. My girls like to get creative and make pockets on the inside to.
    Here is a good video that shows you how to:

  6. Thank you Amy! I am so excited to do this! I even have two rolls of cute duck tape at school!

  7. Lee Ann says:

    These are exactly what I’m looking for, the words match our reading series. I was hoping they were free to print.

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