AB Pattern Necklaces

An oldie but beloved! The children adore this activity and never realize they are being assessed!  Woot!

 I begin by placing three different color of beads on each table.  I tell the children they are making an AB pattern necklace and can only use two colors.
 I put small paper plates on the table for each child to gather the needed beads.
 If I see a child is selecting three colors – I note it and then talk to them about AB patterns.  I do not go further than one intervention.
 I always tape down the necklace string.  I used a string I found at JoAnn Fabrics that was stretchy.
 Here is a good photo of a group at work.
 The children loved their finished necklaces!  So proud!
Yes, a classic but never too old to be just the right thing. . .

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  1. Aubrey Rose loved this!!!!! Thank you for being so wonderful!!!!

  2. Allison says:

    I love this idea! I have a huge bucket of pony beads in my fine motor station. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cordial says:

    You mentioned you do not go further than one intervention, and I’m wondering what next? If it’s an assessment I’m assuming that some of your kids, like mine, can’t make an AB pattern yet. Do you ‘allow’ them to make a necklace of any ol’ beads?

  4. Good Question!! Yes! I absolutely let them make a necklace at the level of their development. For some children it means just piling random beads on the string. I am a big believer in letting children have the freedom to be where they are at. What I see these children need is a deeper and more complex sorting and classifying experiences. To be able to separate “fluently”, if you will, by more than one attribute.

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