Patterns and Rhythm – Principles of Art

This is a must do project!  It is beautiful, fun and simple to set up.   I did this project at the museum with a group with children and adults.  All you need is black construction paper as the base, different colors of construction paper to cut into 1″ strips, markers and glue sticks.

Step One:  Draw a pattern on each color strip.
Step Two:  Glue the strips to the black paper.  You can bend, move, curl, fold the paper!
Use a hole punch to make a pattern!
Swirl the strip!
Write words on the strips!
Use letter, sight words – even numbers as patterns!
This is the observation form we used to observe pattern and rhythm in art.  You could do the same thing looking at art in an art book.

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  1. Love this project! Great for doing it with different type of music. Children will draw different patterns 🙂

  2. Wow! That is a great idea! I wanna do that! Thank you for sharing such a lovely adaptation.

  3. This is so clever and original and fresh! Thank you for the clear and helpful photos. Carolyn

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