Word Rings

I love Word Rings!  Each student is given a loose leaf ring for their very own words.  Every day they are given three index cards that I will write down any words of their choice.  These are words they want to have on a card.   Although I don’t always do this – some years I have had the rule that they had to be able to read the words they have before they could get the next ones.  It depends on the time I have to dedicate to this.  🙂
What I love about this process is that the students are taking ownership and these are the words that are meaningful to them.  It can even become a challenge to see how many words they “have.”   Love it!  I let the children be in charge of asking for more words.  I like it to be totally “kid-driven” because if the process is to be meaningful – it will be from their desire for the cards.  And honestly, most of the children eventually want one of those word rings!
I keep a stack of index cards (5 x 7) and a single hole punch ready to go!

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  1. I used to do a similar activity with my students where we collected their favourite words and they told me why that was a favourite word. I was always stunned by the beautiful language that evolved eg “I love “kitten” because it makes me feel all furry on the inside.”

  2. I love that – to ask them why it was a favorite word! I love the answer your student gave to kitten. What valuable insight into the child! Thank you so much for sharing this gem.

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