Snakes on my Cake! The "ake" Word Family

This was a project I saw in another kindergarten in my hallway – Mrs. McMahon.   She had several word family art projects that you will see over the next two weeks.  I think this is such a great way to reinforce the word families.   I also used a reader from Carla’s Corner ake Word Family Reader.  This site has a treasure trove of emergent readers.

STEP ONE:  Draw a cake on a 9 x 12 construction paper.  I make three rectangles to make my cake.
 STEP TWO:  My favorite part of the cake is the frosting!  So add frosting.  I use half circles to create frosting.
 STEP THREE:  Since this is all about the “ake” word family – write “ake” on the cake!
 STEP FOUR:  Now for the fun!  Draw snakes to write some “ake” words on.  I like to make a large S to form my snakes.

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  1. I love these word family lessons/crafts! Especially this cake one. I’m writing a post on word family activities, so I will definitely be linking up. All the pictures make it look easy. Thanks!

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