Painted Paper Fish

I start this project by having each child make a “bubble painted” paper (technique is posted in painting techniques).  This time because of time constraints,  I prepared the painted paper but they could do that as well.
(To make the painted paper in a very quick and easy way I just paint the top of the construction paper with a large paint brush and tempera paint.  I paint pretty thick.  Then I press another piece of construction paper on top, rubbing it into the paint.  Lift it off and you have two painted papers!)

Step One:  I make fish tracers out of file folders.  Child picks out a tracer, traces the fish and cuts it out.  I also make fin tracers.
Step Two:  Add details with crayons.
Step Three:  Glue on fins.
Step Four:  Glue to the bubbly paper.  Add details to ocean.
Step Five:  This is the final detail – adding sequins and little beads.

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  1. Fern Smith says:

    Could this be any cuter? Thanks for sharing!~Fern
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  2. I loved this craft and the technique! I have found your blog throygh Pinterest and I really like your work!

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