How to Teach Simple Finger Knitting

This is such a great skill to teach children.  It teaches rhythm, eye/hand coordination, and a deeply refined level of fine motor skill.  One of my students this year has not been overly excited about any project.  After learning how to do simple finger knitting – she said repeatedly – “I love finger knitting!! I love it!”  There is such a feeling of accomplishment!

 This student had finished making one bracelet and was on to another one!
 A short video showing how I teach simple finger knitting.
One child’s finished knitting.  It then became a bracelet!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh this idea looks so cute. Couple of questions. Does the first loop have a knot? How do you finish it off so it doesnt unravel?

  2. Chandi says:

    Thanks for the video Sally. We had a teacher a few years ago, doing this when she taught kindergarten. My class was too young then, but they are ready now. Blessings,

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