Pinch Pots at Philbrook

Today my class had the delight of a field trip to Philbrook Art Museum.  We viewed Native American art and pottery and then went to a studio where we created Model Magic pinch pots.  This is such a simple way to introduce making a pinch pot if you do not have access to a kiln and real clay!  I loved it!

We viewed Native American pottery.
Back in the museum studio, each child was given white Model Magic.  I like to buy it at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.
Step One: Roll the clay into a ball.
Step Two:  Put a hole in the middle of the ball and pinch it out.
Step Three: Pinch until a pot emerges! Let it dry.
Step Four:  Decorate with markers.
Optional Step Five:  Adult can spray a clear coat on pots.

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  1. Cherlyn44 says:

    I just love your ideas!!! I am a retired kindergarten teacher sure makes me miss doing those fun yet so appropriate activities. Please keep sharing!

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