Chinese Red Lanterns are a part of the festival life in China.  The color red is believed to bring good luck and happiness.  They are simple to make.   You will need white cardstock, black sharpies, red copy paper, red yard, red watercolor paint, crayons, stapler, and single hole puncher.


Step 1:  Let the children draw a design with black permanent marker.
Step 2:  Color with crayons.  I used a special crayon for construction paper that gives a little more sheen.


The best red wash I know of is the Stockmar paints.

Step 3: Paint a wash of red watercolor over the entire paper.


Paint every white place!  Let it dry.

Another student's work.


Step 4: Fold the paper in half.  Cut slits 1″ thick.

Step 5:  Open up the paper and connect both ends to form the lantern – overlapping a little.  Staple at top and bottom.  Push down lightly to create a fuller lantern.


Step 6:  Hole punch two holes at the top of the lantern.


Step 7:  Tie red yarn on to create hanging string.
Step 8:  Cut red copy paper into 1″ x 11″ strips.  Staple to top edge and bottom edge.


Hang where ever you wish to spread a happy smile!