What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Misbehavior

Did you know there is DNA of misbehavior?   In my teaching practice, I have found the only real way to implement effective strategies with children with difficult behavior is to understand the deeper levels of their misbehavior.   Sounds complicated.   But actually, it is not when you understand the DNA of misbehavior. You […]

How to Create Highly Effective Transitions

Transitions can be one of the most challenging parts of the teaching day.  One of my best tips is to shift how you look at transitions.  Clearly, transitions are the changing times between main activities and group times.   It is often transport time and preparation time. When you view it from this perspective – it […]

My Favorite Things: AlphaBeat

My Favorite Things:  What I feel every Early Childhood Teacher should have in their bag of tricks! Here is my first recommendation: If there was one CD I would recommend for movement with young children – it would be this one.  I first found this CD in my public library in 2003.  It has been […]

Rewards vs. Bribes: What’s the Difference?

How do you know the difference between when you are rewarding student behavior, bribing student behavior or holding them to logical consequences? This is really important because if you are bribing and bargaining with your students – you are in deep doodoo.  It often sneaks up on you and before you know it – you […]

The Safe Pocket System Lesson Plan Packet!

Dear Ones, I am so excited to offer you my first Lesson Plan Store product! It is a lesson plan packet specifically designed for implementing the Safe Pocket System.  It has everything you need to have a visual system of building children’s appropriate behavior and social skills. This packet includes: a poster of the Safe […]

The Peace Table

One of the best gifts from Montessori education has to be the concept of the Peace Table.  The Peace Table is a conflict resolution tool for the classroom.  Traditionally, there is a peace rose that the children can present to a child they have a conflict with and “go” to the table to work it […]

Guest Blogger: Kerry Weisner from Discipline Answers

Happy Sunday!  I am so excited to share a wonderful resource with you.  I met Kerry in my e-course A Dash of Power: The Heart of Classroom Management.   She shared the blog she maintains and it is packed with rich and wonderful classroom management strategies and techniques. Below, she shares a comprehensive list of procedures […]

No More Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light Behavior Management Plan!

The Safe Keeper System I have tried the famous Red Light Classroom Management plan that is used in classrooms across America.   (Every child begins each day on a green light.  Certain behaviors and choices will change their light to yellow or red.  Usually, yellow and red lights had consequences attached to them like loss […]